Creation Science Club

Creation Science Club

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TOP Creation Science Club Ergebnisse:

  • Ishmael: A Novel (Ishmael Series) (Club Science Creation) KAUFE JETZT

    Ishmael: A Novel (Ishmael

  • ASIN: B000SEFH6A
  • Black Jack, Volume 1 (Science Creation Club) KAUFE JETZT

    Black Jack, Volume 1

    Black Jack is a mysterious and charismatic young genius surgeon who travels the world performing amazing and impossible medical feats. Though a trained physician, he refuses to accept a medical license due to his hatred and mistrust of the medical community's hypocrisy and corruption. This leads Black Jack to occasional run-ins with the authorities, as well as from gangsters and criminals who approach him for illegal operations. Black Jack charges exorbitant fees for his services, the proceeds from which he uses to fund environmental projects and to aid victims of crime and corrupt capitalists. But because Black Jack keeps his true motives secret, his ethics are perceived as questionable and he is considered a selfish, uncaring devil. The Black Jack series is told in short stories. Each volume will contain 16-20 stories, each running approximately 20-24 pages in length.Black Jack is recognized as Osamu Tezuka's third most famous series, after Astro Boy and Kimba, the White Lion.

  • Einstein's Dreams (Vintage Contemporaries) (Science Club Creation) KAUFE JETZT

    Einstein's Dreams (Vintage

  • ASIN: B004JHYS4E
  • Holy Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation (Science Club Creation) KAUFE JETZT

    Holy Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for

  • ASIN: 1578051606
  • We (Modern Library Classics) (Creation Club Science) KAUFE JETZT

    We (Modern Library Classics)

  • ASIN: B0012E3J2O
  • Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth (Contemporary Ethnography) (Creation Science Club) KAUFE JETZT

    Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth (Contemporary

    Enterprising Women Having ninety percent of its members who are women, this is a study of the worldwide community of fans of "Star Trek" and other genre television series who create and distribute fiction and art based on their favorite series. This community includes people from various walks of life - housewives, librarians, and professors of medieval literature. Full description

  • ASIN: 0812213793
  • The Holy (Creation Club Science) KAUFE JETZT

    The Holy

  • ASIN: B004IK8Q3G
  • Mr g: A Novel About the Creation (Vintage Contemporaries) (Creation Club Science) KAUFE JETZT

    Mr g: A Novel About the Creation (Vintage

  • Creating a New Library: Recipes for Transformation (Creation Science Club) KAUFE JETZT

    Creating a New Library: Recipes for

    Creating a New Library: Recipes for Transformation offers ways to make your library group space into one conducive to transformational learning. The book is structured as a cookbook with an introduction to the idea, then directions on its execution. Next, the book gives tips on how to adapt each ‘recipe’ to fit other specific needs, including other kinds of libraries. The layout follows three strands: space, community, and outreach. Each section includes five elements critical to transforming spaces:, fun, stimulation, safety, freedom, and personal. From providing coffee in the morning, to a full Personal Librarian program, this book presents useful and engaging ideas for transformational learning.Enables and encourage transformational learning in academic and research librariesPresents practical ideas in the style of a cookbook, recipes that can be readily applied to a variety of sites and situationsGives useful insight and ideas relevant to different kinds of libraries, including academic and research librariesSuggests fun, quirky, and practical ideas for your library

  • ASIN: B01N77CIZQ
  • The Age of Homespun: Objects and Stories in the Creation of an American Myth (Science Club Creation) KAUFE JETZT

    The Age of Homespun: Objects and Stories in the Creation of an American

  • ASIN: B002MHOD2A

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